"Being The president of Educate me 5.0,with the help of my team, we wanted to deliver the best experience for the students to learn in an unconventional atmosphere. And thanks to the contribution of ULT, participants had the chance to learn English in a very fun way since Educate me is made for students to communicate and tackle subjects that aren't usually covered in "traditional" school." by Sarah Sandid, IGET team leader in AIESEC local Committee University
Sarah Sandid
project & innovation manager
AIESEC University

These are some feedbacks from the participants : (taken from the survey of satisfaction)

" I had a new friends .. Good teachers . They made us comfortable. it wasn't just a session of English it was also deep topics that helped a lot of people to find solutions for their lives ..being with you added excitement to my life . Thanks Cosmo and kheiredine"

"I like the atmosphere, the teachers are very spontaneous and also I am happy to know new friends ... thank u for all the team and good continuation ."

"I liked how I get the courage to speak when I wanted , to be confident and share and participate with friends"

"The good thing about this program is knowing and meeting new different people and specially being taught by such a good and sweet teacher as Catalina is something great ."

"I'm grateful for this experience for many reasons but mostly because I had the chance to hear stories that changed my view of some life concepts and categories."

" It was one of the best experiences That I had.. I had Great moments and souvenirs with a lot of new kind and helpful friends That I won't forget.. I loved the teachers and specially their ways to deliver the message and how they try their best to make the lesson more and more interesting, I also want thank them for pushing us to give our best and to think deeply and differently About stuff..furthermore, I want say that the topics were extremely helpful and meaningful because it helped me to know new stuff, listen to different opinions and discuss them.. The Most important thing That I had from This experience is That I'm feeling more confident I finally got rid of the fear That goes Inside me every time I'm going to speak out loud in front of people. Thanks for This opportunity guys ❤"

"What I liked is that at first I was shy and I've had a difficulty to participate but Cozmo taught me how to believe in myself, we created all of us a lovely atmosphere even with kheiredine . I'm so proud to knew people from another country , to learn a new languages. A new experience"

"Well, to be clear I liked the teachers, the courses, the topics that were discussed and the good ambience of the classroom"